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heavensims said: I love your Landgraab’s. So much awesomeness in one genetic line.

I obviously love them too much since I put them in every story. I had no idea that though that my little joke about Harris being so vain and self-important that he’s clone himself would turn into such a huge plot thing.

hyperkaos said: What? He’s a typical terror! er..terrier!

I’ve really been enjoying Kia. I’m glad Braden rolled the dog person trait. Otherwise, they never roll wishes for pets. And the whole family has really been great about caring for her. Everyday, Kia switches BFFs between Duncan and Jesse.

hyperkaos said: Good call All Holy Watcher ;)

Thanks! I rrally do like Taran best. But I couldn’t just let Braden take Kirstin away before she earns that magic fridge. I’m also wanting to watch Fergus grow up, he’s so cute. But nit really an heir candidate, since he was born before even the gen 2 heir was chosen.

lilinabe said: Is a sweet couple :3

Thanks! I hope Taran gets a little more active with the romance, like his brothers finally did. But maybe not to the point of getting his girlfriend pregnant in high school like Braden did…

spladoum said: I remember Stina. Add me to the number of who didn’t like her trifling self. LOL.

Ha! She was really awful. Since I was parodying myself, I felt free to really let loose with her. I was never quite as awful as her, really. The whole story started out as a parody of me and my art school friends, but very quickly the characters became their own people and lost resemblance to their real life inspirations.

hjaxon1701 said: STINA!! She has the best hair. (I have got to finish We Are Stardust, thanks for the reminder!)

I actually have to finish Stardust…there are still some epilogue chapters left to go. I’ve been really lazy about the writing and posing lately, I just want to play my wishacy. But I’ll get bacjk to it.

purzelsims said: Neil Gaiman <3. Now that’s an obsession I can totally relate to. Also *lol* at #4 . I have the distinct feeling I should read this story of yours.

I love Gaiman. I actually have a movie director character in this story making a film of one of the Sandman books. One of Stina’s ex-boyfriends is starring in it as Dream.

I think life makes a lot more sense if you view it as a big Sims game. But maybe I’m just crazy.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Stopping by to tell you I love your sims, especially your current legacy! :D But I want to know more! List 5 facts (or your deepest darkest secrets will suffice) about your most favorite sim of yours, and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore. ♥
And also apricotfiend and astraeanervermore sent me this as well.
This time, I’ll do 5 facts about Stina Bowman, one of the character from my We Are Stardust story.
1. Stina is actually an extreme parody of me when I was in college. So it amuses me greatly how hated and despised she was by nearly all my readers.
2. Stina is a natural blond, but has been dying her hair black and other colors since high school.
3. She’s obsessed with all things written by Neil Gaiman, and frequently dresses up as Death from his Sandman series.
4. Everyone thinks she’s crazy for believing that we are all just characters in a game being played by people who just like fucking with other people. Or watching them fuck.
5. Her father calls her ‘Crissy’, which she hates. The only other person she’ll let call her that is Coby. Even when they were broken up, she’d let him call her that. But he mostly just calls her Ti, a name he came up with for her.

travelling with friends

tumblinrob said: Not true. Sims can travel with Sims outside their household as long as the relationship is high enough, you just can’t control them.

I’ve never seen any other Sims listed in my travel panel except the ones in my household, that’s odd.I do know the creator of the wishacy challenge has declared the ‘travel with’ wish as a free move in card, so, I’m sticking to that. =)

A little star gazing followed by some synchronized yawning. Clearly, they are in celestial harmony, no matter what their zodiac compatibility ranking is.

Now it’s off to bed so everyone will be well rested for the big prom tomorrow.

I should add, Duncan has developed a full on obsession with Jenna, wishing to date her, hang out with her, amorous hug with her. It’s like, he popped that cork and now it’s all spilling out. But I haven’t had time to deal with more than one budding teen couple at a time, and heir is priority. I am happy for Duncan, and confident he’ll come out of the prom with a steady girlfriend.

Jesse is not pleased to learn his probable daughter-in-law is a couch potato.

"Well, what’s your sign? Are you at least compatible with Taran?"

(She’s an Aquarius and Taran is a Capricorn. I’m not sure if in Sims those are compatible, actually.)

Finally! Taran gets a little flirt on. And that’s about it, but, hey, progress.

Taran rolls a wish to go on a date with Mollie, which is nice, but that won’t happen until after prom. Then he rolls a wish to travel with Mollie. which I lock in. Though he can’t do that right away, it’s a free ‘move in with me’ card because Sims can only travel with Sims they live with.

But no wish to kiss her yet.

Mollie is clearly wondering what the hell is wrong with Taran as he chats with her about the weather instead of trying to get into her skirt. Tomorrow is the prom and they haven&#8217;t even kissed yet.

Mollie is clearly wondering what the hell is wrong with Taran as he chats with her about the weather instead of trying to get into her skirt. Tomorrow is the prom and they haven’t even kissed yet.

Mollie is coming home from school with Taran. 
Taran: Should I hold her hand or&#8230;?
Do it, Taran!

Mollie is coming home from school with Taran. 

Taran: Should I hold her hand or…?

Do it, Taran!

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